Echo Logs

YEAR : 2016

iAnesthesia LLC is a company that serves various medical apps. The brief of the project was to design an iOS app in which a medical professional can enter and catalogs EKG scans as well as the diagnosis. More and more medical professional needs the ability to access a specific EKG scans on the go, which was what triggered the decision to create this product.

There are two functions that are essential for the app to be successful. One of the essential function is the data entry. When the user enters a new data, the process has to be straightforward and pain-free so it will not take a long time to do so. Another essential function is the individual EKG log page. The log page must be able to show all of the diagnosis, while also showing the photo of the EKG scan itself.

In order to be more efficient in the data entry part, most of the options are toggles and checkboxes, which enables the user to just tick the necessary options instead of entering everything as a text. The calendar picker is laid out directly on the top in order to determine the date of the scan, while the date will show the day's date by default. On the bottom it has the photo upload section where the user would upload the EKG scans which shows the thumbnails after it's been uploaded as well as the button to upload more scans.

In the log page, the image of the scan itself is very important. This led to the decision that there must be both the portrait and landscape mode of viewing the log. In the portrait mode, the user can just scroll vertically to view the information in a normal way. In the landscape mode however, the image of the scans will take up most of the real estate on the left side and the information of the diagnosis will be on the right side. The image section and the diagnosis section are scrollable as separate entities, this way the image can persist in the screen while the user digest the information in the diagnosis section.

The contrast of the interface was designed to be in a more 'dark' contrast as according to user testing and research, a lot of times the app will be used in a dark room. The design of dark interface will help the user in using the app in a more pleasant and prolonged way.

Echo Logs – iPhone 1
Echo Logs – iPhone 2
Echo Logs – iPhone 3
Echo Logs – iPhone 4
Echo Logs – iPhone 5
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